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Windows to Wisdom Cards


You have found your way here as you hold my windows to wisdom cards in your hands. If you don’t yet have the entire deck of 36 cards, you can purchase them here.

Draw a card. Look at the words on your card and consider what they might mean to you in this moment. You might also like to explore below for an expanded perspective on your card’s message.

It’s not just about the words. As you hold the card, spend a moment gazing into the image of the card without thinking. Explore the feelings that arise. What else can you ‘see’ from your feeling place?

As I looked into the images I created from my artwork, the words you see on your physical card are inspired by those images. These cards are a very simple expression of what life means to me. Often when we find ourselves stuck, we need a gentle reminder that there is an alternative way to look at life.

My intention is to spark your imagination and inspire you to explore life’s meaning in a unique way.