The Wisdom Cards Box


Images and words to inspire your day.

A boxed set of 36 inspirational cards featuring Frankii’s ink and watercolour artworks. All designed and printed in Queensland Australia.

Draw a card whenever you feel the need for some inspiration.



About the Artist

Frankii is the pseudonym for Virginia Robin’s inner artist, who’s reluctant emergence into the art world happened after being confronted with a very large piece of paper in the form of an A3 art book that her partner Tim presented to her for Christmas in 2021.

The somewhat ridiculous terror of the blank space surprised her more than would ordinarily, be considered ‘normal’ in the circumstances, so she decided to explore that terror by taking a local art class that Tim thought, with good humour, would be just the thing she needed! That reluctant visit to art class soon dispelled her self-imposed myths.  Frankii emerged, exploring what might be her style.

Frankii had been in hiding.

Frankii remembers her passion for art at a young age. Her high school art teacher praised her abstract works. Yet in those days being an artist wasn’t the career move of parental choice. It took a childhood incident that tucked Frankii away, hidden for good. One where a favourite piece of her art was destroyed in anger by someone she trusted. Frankii hid because she then believed “it was ‘terrifying’ to be proud of your art”.  Quite an irrational belief, but one that she is now dissolving.

Behind the Art

India ink and watercolours are presently Frankii’s favourite mediums. She is influenced by the beauty and simplicity of Japanese sumi-e (black ink painting) which celebrates the ability to create space and move with the flow of the whole body in its mastery.

Watercolour with its inherent flow complements this work. Frankii believes her energy is translated through those mediums onto the paper and hopes you feel this energy too as you contemplate the work.